Barn Burner release new video and stream new songs

Montreal, Canada’s Barn Burner are having a hell of start to 2010. Their album, Bangers, was released worldwide in February, their new video for Half Past Haggard is up and their new song, The Long Arm of the Law, is streaming over at

Long Arm Of The Law: “It’s a song about people judging me and this band saying, ‘Oh, you guys are just beer drinking misogynist f—ing douche bags,'” Barn Burner frontman and guitarist Kevin Keegan told Noisecreep about their song The Long Arm of the Law.”

Not only has the band released The Long Arm of the Law but you can also hear Wizard Island and also Holy Smokes at the bands MySpace or in the player below:

The band has also released a video for Half Past Haggard, directed by Jenna Harkness which you can watch above.


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