Be a part of Van Canto’s Upcoming “Rebellion” Clip

Van Canto wants YOU for their upcoming clip to the Grave Digger cover “Rebellion”!

Film you and your friends performing the song and submit your clip! Details can be found at and below:

We are looking for the greatest clan, the most powerful tribe!

Listen to our cover version of Grave Digger’s Rebellion in our current widget (scroll down). Then make a movie of yourself and your friends performing this song and send us your clip!

This is how it works:

Learn to sing Rebellion
Take your digicam
Play the song loud!
Film yourself (doesn’t need to be too professional as long as you have fun doing it)
Upload the movie (e.g. via
and send the link to
Fill and sign this form
and send it to

The best clips (be sure we will take more than 2 or 3 ;-)) will be used in our official rebellion clip. Start now and send us your clip until Apr 30th 2010.


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