Bigelf Debut Superstar Sideshow

This week, rock ringmasters Bigelf unveiled their ode to the carnal carnival of rock & roll with their new video, “Superstar.” The strains of a calliope playing backwards, a cross-dressed clown, a goggled midget, and a wheelchair-bound Damon Fox usher in this four-minute, three-ring circus of bearded rockers, fire eaters, groupies, go-go girls, geeks, freaks and more. It’s a fitting setting for this quartet that have come to be known as the “evil Beatles.”

Indeed, Bigelf- Damon Fox (lead vocals, keys), Ace Mark (Guitar), Duffy Snowhilll (Bass) and Froth (Drums)- are rock revivalists of the first order, bringing back the massive wall-of-sound orchestrations, epic ambition, and theatrical grandeur of rock shows of old. Taking their cues from masters like Queen and ELO, Bigelf combine “fat & juicy guitar riffs, booming bass, soaring melodies and bold compositions” to create music that is “both genuine and refreshing” (Skope Magazine).

“Superstar” is up now on all major digital video services and the single will reach specialty radio this week. The band is just finishing up a tour with UK art-rockers Porcupine Tree, for which they’ve won much-deserved praise. The Tampa Tribune raved that Bigelf were “smart, funny and so far over the top as to render the concept of a top pointless.”

Up next for the band is a May 18 headlining performance at The Roxy in their hometown of LA, followed by major festival performances in Sweden, Germany, UK, and Japan.


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