Blackguard Announce Victory Signing And Their 2011 Plans

Last week, Montreal’s Blackguard announced their pairing with Victory Records.

The band has released this statement regarding the signing, the departure of a member, and their non-stop touring plans well into 2011.

We are very pleased to announce our signing to Victory Records!

At first (and second) glance this might seem like an odd pairing, but Victory is a very hard working label that we are all 100% behind. The Victory Staff has welcomed us with open arms and is committed to pushing our next release to its full potential. It’s no secret that we’ve been touring extensively this past year and a half, and it’s comforting to know we have a label backing us that is willing to work and put in as much effort as we have for the release of our 3rd record (2nd under the name Blackguard).

That being said we are hard at work completing our next record which has a tentative release date for April . The release will coincide with a North American tour that isn’t announced yet, but when it does it’s going to turn heads.

Now for a bit of sad news…

For those of you who have seen us play recently with Leaves Eyes and on the Nevermore tour, you have no doubt noticed the absence of our Keyboardist Jo. We’re sad to say that Jo has officially left the band to pursue other endeavors.

There’s no drama here, and we’re all still good friends. Jo simply felt his time with the band had come to an end and we have amicably parted ways.

Blackguard will remain a 5 piece for the foreseeable future.

We’re currently having a blast on the Nevermore tour! There have been some great shows and sharing the stage with so many great bands has been a pleasure thus far. Hatesphere , Warbringer and Nevermore are bringing it every night so this is not a tour you want to miss .

Our run on this tour goes all the way to Nov 5th so check our tour dates and come out.

After this we go right back at it again with our good friends Epica, Scar Symmetry and The Agonist all the way to mid Dec.

Then we get to kick off the New Year with Deicide, Belphegor, Neuraxis and Pathology from Feburary 15th to March 10th.

Take care everyone, and we’ll see you on the road!

w/Hatesphere, Warbringer, Nevermore
10/13/2010 MASQUERADE Atlanta GA
10/14/2010 Volume 11 Raleigh NC
10/15/2010 Jaxx West Springfield VA
10/16/2010 The Palladium Worcester MA
10/17/2010 The Trocadero Philadelphia PA
10/19/2010 GRAMERCY THEATRE New York NY
10/20/2010 FOUFOUNES ELECTRIC Montreal QC
10/21/2010 Music Hall London ON
10/22/2010 OPERA HOUSE Toronto ON
10/23/2010 Peabody’s Cleveland OH
10/25/2010 Diesel Club Pittsburgh PA
10/26/2010 Headliner’s Music Hall Louisville KY
10/27/2010 Blondie’s Detroit MI
10/29/2010 Reggie’s Rock Club Chicago IL
10/30/2010 The Rave Milwaukee WI
10/31/2010 Station 4 St.Paul MN
11/1/2010 ROYAL ALBERT Winnipeg MB
11/2/2010 The Exchange Regina SK
11/4/2010 Republik Calgary AB
11/5/2010 Pawn Shop Edmonton AB
11/6/2010 RED ROOM Vancouver

11/15/2010 BROADWAY JOE’S Buffalo NY

w/ Epica (*) , Scar Symmetry (^), The Agonist (#)
11/16/2010 Jaxx *^# West Springfield VA
11/17/2010 THE TROCADERO*^# Philadelphia PA
11/18/2010 MONTAGE MUSIC HALL^# Rochester NY
11/19/2010 GRAMERCY THEATRE*^# New York NY
11/20/2010 The Palladium*^# Worcester MA
11/21/2010 Club Soda*^# Montreal QC
11/22/2010 Sneaky Dee’s^# Toronto ON
11/23/2010 London Music Hall*^# London ON
11/24/2010 Peabody’s*^# Cleveland OH
11/25/2010 Reggie’s Rock Club^# Chicago IL
11/26/2010 Blondie’s*^# Detroit MI
11/27/2010 Headliner’s Music Hall*^# Louisville KY
11/28/2010 The Rave*^# Milwaukee WI
11/30/2010 BLUEBIRD THEATER*^# Denver CO
12/2/2010 El Corazon*^# Seattle WA
12/3/2010 Rickshaw Theater*^# Vancouver –
12/4/2010 Hawthorne Theater*^# Portland OR
12/5/2010 DNA LOUNGE*^# San Francisco CA
12/6/2010 CHEYENNE SALOON^# Las Vegas NV
12/7/2010 Key Club*^# Los Angeles CA
12/8/2010 RAMONA MAINSTAGE*^# Ramona CA
12/9/2010 The Clubhouse*^# Tempe AZ
12/11/2010 TREES*^# Dallas TX
12/12/2010 Emo’s*^# Austin TX
12/14/2010 The Club at Firestone*^# Orlando FL
12/15/2010 Culture Room*^# Ft. Lauderdale FL
12/17/2010 Masquerade*^# Atlanta GA
12/18/2010 Volume 11*^# Raleigh NC

12/19/2010 Championships Trenton NJ

w/Finntroll, Ensiferum, moonspell
1/22/2011 CIRCO VOLADOR Mexico City

1/24/2011 70000 Tons of Metal Miami FL
1/25/2011 70000 Tons of Metal Miami FL
1/26/2011 70000 Tons of Metal Miami FL
1/27/2011 70000 Tons of Metal Miami FL

w/Deicide (*), Belphegor(^), Neuraxis (#), Pathology (+), Gigan (!)
2/10/2011 Mavericks # Ottawa ON
2/11/2011 BROADWAY JOE’S # Buffalo NY
2/12/2011 PIRATE’S COVE # Cleveland OH
2/13/2011 The Muse # Nashville TN
2/15/2011 Masquerade *^#+ Atlanta GA
2/16/2011 Tremont Music Hall*^#+ Charlotte NC
2/17/2011 Volume 11*^#+ Raleigh NC
2/18/2011 The Trocadero*^#+ Philadelphia PA
2/19/2011 MONTAGE MUSIC HALL*^#+ Rochester NY
2/20/2011 The Palladium*^#+ Worcester MA
2/21/2011 GRAMERCY THEATRE*^#+ New York NY
2/22/2011 Imperial*^#+ Quebec City QC
2/23/2011 Cafe Campus*^#+ Montreal QC
2/24/2011 Music Hall*^#+ London ON
2/25/2011 Opera House*^#+ Toronto ON
2/26/2011 Reggie’s Rock Club*^#+ Chicago IL
2/27/2011 Blondie’s*^#+ Detroit MI
2/28/2011 Headliner’s Music Hall*^#+ Louisville KY
3/1/2011 Marquee Theatre*^#+ Tulsa OK
3/2/2011 BLUEBIRD THEATER*^#+ Denver CO
3/4/2011 El Corazon*^#+ Seattle WA
3/5/2011 Hawthorne Theater*^#+ Portland OR
3/6/2011 Thee Parkside^#+ San Francisco CA
3/7/2011 CHEYENNE SALOON*^#+ Las Vegas NV
3/8/2011 Key Club*^#+ Los Angeles CA
3/9/2011 BRICK BY BRICK*^#+ San Diego CA
3/10/2011 The Clubhouse*^#+ Tempe AZ
3/11/2011 War Legion Underground^#+! Amarillo TX
3/12/2011 Rail Club^#+! Ft. Worth TX
3/13/2011 NUMBERS^#+! Houston TX
3/15/2011 Brass Mug^#+! Tampa FL
3/16/2011 The Muse #! Nashville TN
3/17/2011 Buddha’s Place #! Newport News VA
3/18/2011 Championships #! Trenton NJ
3/19/2011 Rocko’s #! Manchester NH

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