Bleeding Through to release new album in 2011

Recently I had the chance to sit down with Bleeding Through bassist Ryan Wombacher in Glasgow and towards the end of the interview Ryan informed me that the band will be releasing a brand new album in 2011 while they plan some big and intense tours.

You can read the full interview here and the album info below:

Michael: So with that in mind, what does that spark for the future plans in 2011?

Ryan: 2011 is going to have a new record.

Michael: So have you already started to push forward with the album?

Ryan: We’re going to start writing when we come home. We’re going to take a little bit of a break as soon as this tour is over so we can get our families back in order and spend some time with them, then start writing and then start working on the process of building tours. 2011 is going to be very strategic tour wise, there won’t be as many but the ones that are will be bigger, a bit more intense and more thought out. Like this is who we want on the tour and if they are not going to do the tour then we just won’t fill the spot. If we want five bands to do the tour and only three can do it then it’s going to be a three band tour. That’s what we want to do, it’s more strategic.

Michael: So if writing is planned when you get home, can we expect an end of 2011 release or maybe earlier?

Ryan: Maybe mid-year; safe to say towards the end but not at the end, maybe like eight months or something like that. Best thing about it is we’re going to do it whenever we want to do it. There is no deadline right now, we don’t have any dates set, we don’t have the studio, we’re going to do the record ourselves. So we will literally go in and record it and it will be probably be done before we sign a contract.

Michael: So you’re not still signed to Rise or Roadrunner for a future release?

Ryan: It is a possibility, we haven’t talked about that but we haven’t got that far. We will write the record, finish it, it will be done and then all we need to do is get a postage note and put a due date on it but it will be done. The only thing we will be waiting for is time for the press, time for the release date and time for advertising.

Michael: So have you found that the best way to do it now, record and then pitch?

Ryan: Yeah, I don’t think labels have a right, yeah they are putting money towards it and they might have comment but we’ve never had a label go ‘this is what you need to do on the record’ cause we’ll be like ‘well you’re going to be really bummed out cause we’re not doing that’. So yeah I don’t think that’s a labels place to say what they want. Bleeding Through have never signed to a label that called the shots and I don’t think we ever will cause that’s not who we are. We write our record the way we want it. You’re signing Bleeding Through because that’s what you want.


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