Bleeding Through to stream Milwaukee performance on April 19th live and release track by track

Bleeding Through have announced that their performance on April 19th in Milwaukee will be streamed live on

Fans will be able to catch the band performing material off their brand new, just released, self-titled album.

Also taking time to talk to Alternative Press, Brandan Schieppati talks about each and every song on the album.

A Resurrection
This is an instrumental piece Marta [Peterson, keyboards] and Dave [Nassie, guitar] wrote. The reason behind the title is, basically, the band have been around for quite a long time, and the last few years didn’t end up [going] so well. So I guess the whole concept behind the song is just a new beginning and refreshing the idea of being in a band for more than 10 years and still having fun and making a career at it.

Every single song [on this album] has to do with the past and being a band for a decade, overcoming adversity and being labeled as a trend. This song is about [younger] bands coming up to you and saying that you’re an inspiration to them and they thank you for your existence. You just take a step back and look at their band and don’t agree with the way they run it and it’s weird that they see you as an inspiration. I just don’t agree with the way a lot of bands these days run their band.

Your Abandonment
Basically, this song is sort of about the heartbreak of being in a band. There are a lot of things that go into a band and doing this and it’s a heartbreaking experience. You meet new people and they say, “Thank you,” and that they love you, and two years later, they’re gone. You see people who are more into this music because of trends [than the actual music] and that’s hard.

Fifteen Minutes
This song is about how, you know, there’s been, like, three or four times people have said we’re just a trendy band. But how can you be a trend several times? Isn’t it just once and then over? People always tell us we’re a trend band, but we’re still going.

Salvation Never Found
This is basically about the sacrifice of [playing music] for so long. It’s about some of the things you go through as a band. I kind of feel like the moments I’ve shared with people and places have been great, and some have been unrewarding. I’ve missed out on so much in life at home and with friends and being a part of people’s lives. I want to do this for some sort of salvation and I’m still searching for that. Sometimes you sort of feel like it’s not worth it.

Breathing In The Wrath
It’s sort of about the media–mostly about overseas media because they’re a little more upfront and blunt with the way they put things. We did a feature once for a magazine that I’ll keep nameless, and they said that we were basically done. The interviewer just didn’t like our band and tried to get under skin. It was weird because we were still touring and putting out records and everything. The first line of the song is, “Nothing is over, you can’t just turn it off.” Anytime there’s a band that aren’t purist in any form, it’s not metal and not hardcore or whatever, they always face adversity. You deal with a lot and have to turn your head from [public perception] and do it for the love–not fame and fortune because you’d just be wasting your time.

This Time Nothing Is Sacred
The greatest thing about being in a band is meeting new people and having friendships that last a long time. But it’s heartbreaking because you create these friendships and all of a sudden, they’re not there anymore. You don’t understand how or when it stopped. You get so comfortable with meeting people and getting to know them, and it’s definitely a plus, but it’s damaging when they disappear.

Divide The Armies
Sometimes we feel like anybody who listens to our type of music is considered an outcast from the norm. This song is about just not really caring what the outside world thinks of you and doing things for your own pleasure and well-being. It’s about listening to what you want to because you like it, not because someone tells you to.

Drag Me To The Ocean
Basically, when this is all said and done and the band are over, we can look back at our careers and remember all the great stuff. The song’s sort of about dragging me back to California, where I’m from, which is waiting for me and nothing there changes too drastically. So when it’s all said and done, just send me home.

Light My Eyes
A lot of people see being in a band as glamorous. There are a lot of people who support us and it’s amazing how they continue to. But for one second, I would like to switch memories with someone who doesn’t support me or my band and have them see the struggles and adversity we’ve had to go through.

Slow Your Roll
We encounter a few types of bands [on the road] who we really disagree with and bands that have an ego about them. It’s kind of insulting to me that they exist right now and it’s crazy that this ego comes so easily.

Distortion, Devotion
This is sort of the song that caps off the record. It’s a leaving song. At the end of the record, I didn’t really have anything left to offer, so I kind of just put it all out on the last song. It’s about putting everything going into this record. After so long, it’s hard to stay really focused and excited about things, so I had to really find that excitement and motivation.


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