Bloodstock announce six more acts for the New Blood stage

With the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses roadshow hot footing its way round England, Wales, Scotland and Norway covering over 3,500 road miles, several flights and countless overpriced service station coffee’s – the journey is nearing its conclusion.

Two shows remain this weekend, but for now we’ve unearthed some real gems with all the growling, snarling and shredding associated with breaking metal and we’ve even found a Heavy Metal One Man Band!!!  Plus the Bloodstock website competition has grabbed hold of another couple of bands that brings the New Blood Stage’s total to a staggering 36 underground bands over the entire weekend.

Foul Body Autopsy
Armed with an ipod, Jackson Guitar and a desire to crush skulls FOUL BODY AUTOPSY is a one man band from Leicester City founded by metal maverick Tom Reynolds.  Over the space of 18 months Tom has released a full length album and is now working with the Onslaught Management team planning for a full metal tirade in the UK.

Prior to this Tom has shared the stage with the likes of Desolated, Postmortem Promises, Martyr Defiled, Prostitute Disfigurement, Lordaeron, Flayed Disciple, Merciless Terror, Cancerous Womb, General Surgery, Aeon & Cerebral Bore With pure shred techniques, blistering speed and no lack of humour within his show this is a unique show that should not be missed.

Impaled Existence
Impaled Existence is a 5-piece progressive, groove death metal band from North Wales, UK. Forming in 2004, the band has grown and matured into a finely tuned combination of brutality and melody. With songs “A Blackened Heart” and “Through Stinging Eyes” the band shows off it’s more aggressive and progressive side with devastating riffs, stomach crushing bass lines, pounding double-bass footwork and ear-shattering vocals. Showing their diversity, songs “Worthy Of Remains” and “Fictions Within The Mind” demonstrate the band’s more melodic side. Influences Range from various metal bands, brutal and melodic, such as: Whitechapel, After The Burial, Veil Of Maya & In Flames, just to name a few. Imex have played with: Exodus, Evile (Metal hammer Competition winners) Decapitated, Kataklysym, Man Must Die, Marionette, Swallow The Sun, Ted Maul, Suicide Silence, Born Of Osiris, Ingested, Annotations Of An Autopsy Plus Many More.

Bury The Conscious
With influences such as Shadows Fall, The Agony Scene, Devin Townsend and many more Bury The Conscious are a 5 piece Liverpool based Heavy Metal band that hold no boundaries when it comes to the progressive side of Metal.   Moments of sheer brutality, energy, groove, harmony and ambience are what this band is about.


Hostile Rising
Hostile Rising formed in autumn 2008. Together the five members create a blend of tight, machine-gun riffs and southern grooves with a dark, melodic edge.
The band have gigged with acts throughout Yorkshire and the Midlands, and headlined many shows around Leeds and Wakefield in particular. HR also performed at Wakefield Rock Festival 2010, playing alongside acts including Sensor, Pitchshifter and InMe. Hostile Rising are continuously writing new material encompassing their best elements: powerful and creative drums; heavy and melodic guitars; groove-laden bass; and a blend of harsh, guttural vocals & manic screams.

Wolfcrusher was the brainchild of guitarist Dan Mucs (Not Above Evil, Dirty Habit, Ten Foot Wizard) with his machine-like ability to churn out great riff after great riff, and a great ear for a mind-blowing melody, the foundations could not have been set on more solid ground.

He joined forces with drummer Dan Mikietyn (ex Blood Vigil), with a love of linear drum patterns, creative syncopation, and the priceless ability to slip into a huge groove, the two found an immediate chemistry and hit the band room to start working on something that would turn heads, and ears.

They soon enlisted good friend, and incredibly talented lead Arun Kamath (Soma Dark, ex Bisonhammer) on guitar, adding another dynamic to the already brutal tone of the band.

Chris Mitchell-Taylor (Visitor, ex-Blood Vigil) on bass, solidified the rhythm section and contributed his unique and captivating presence to the stage.

Gary Harkin (Bisonhammer, Ten Foot Wizard) came into the fold and provided the final piece of the puzzle. With the ability to Jump from guttural growls, searing screams, to the melodious vocal lines that perfectly compliment the diverse Wolfcrusher sound. The line-up was complete.

Wolfcrusher take their  influence from Death Metal, Southern Rock, and everything in between, the only premise being: Make it groovy, make it catchy, and make it heavy!

Playing their first gig in December 2010, they instantly made a buzz as word got around about their infectious music and explosive live show.

The Four piece Metal act from Manchester, England, Visitor was forged by lead vocalist/guitarist Jim Foster and drummer Tim Marland to bring a different and unique sound and power to metal. The band created a unique sound to which caught the ears and eyes of fans everywhere. With the addition of second guitarist Gaz Hayden and bassist Mitch the sound of clashing guitars grew stronger and heavier. Visitor have been constantly gigging all over the country and have recently completed a new CD and are next bound for more venues around the northwest alongside Bloodstock and other proposed festival dates.

Bloodstock Open Air 2011 takes place at Catton Hall August 12th – 14th.

Tickets for the 2011 event are on sale now at

Bloodstock Open Air 2011                12th – 14th August 2011

Band line up so far:

Ronnie James Dio Stage
Motorhead – Immortal – W.A.S.P.
Devin Townsend Project – Rhapsody Of Fire
Morbid Angel – At The Gates
Therion – Coroner – Kreator – Exodus – Triptykon  Hammerfall – Wintersun – Ihsahn – Finntroll – Grave Digger  Napalm Death – Forbidden – Tarot – Wolf – Poison Black – 1349 – The Defiled – Hell – Xerath – Primordial

Sophie Lancaster Stage
Angelwitch – Criminal – Lawnmower Deth – Arthemis
Power Quest – The Rotted – October File – Nemhain – Def Con One Survivors Zero – Byfrost – Deadly Circus Fire – Revoker – Achren Hammer Of The Gods – Imicus – Dripback – Xerath – Mortad – Evil Scarecrow – Paul Clarke (Drummer)
..Plus More Tba

Newblood Stage
Furious Horde – Training Icarus – Inner Fire – Shreddertron – Unknown Fear – Entro-P – Saturnian –  Rannoch – Primitai – Haerken – Twilights Embrace – Sanguine – Northern Oak – Talanas – Sacred Illusion – Foul Body Autopsy – Impaled Existence – Bury The Conscious – Hosyile Rising – Wolfcrusher – Visitor
…Plus More Tba

Jagermeister Stage
Last In Line – Operation Error – Pig Iron – Inferno – Guardians Of Andromeda – Obsessive Compulsive – Amaranthe – Rannoch – Alternative Carpark – Fantasist –
Avenge Thee And Naime
…Plus More Tba

Stand Up Comedy
Steve Hughes, Jason Rouse, Steve Hill, Keith Platt

And all this for just £105 !
12-14 August 2011
Catton Hall, Walton On Trent, Derbyshire  24 ticket hotline 0844 248 5085


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