Brent Hinds causing problems for Mastodon?

It would appear Mastodon fans are reaching their limits with Brent Hinds after continued faults at live shows.

It all came to a point after the bands Oakland performance on Saturday when Brent is said to have pulled an Axl Rose and gone all diva on the bands fans. During the set which had some technical issues, Brent was caught making remarks over his mic, throwing Troy Sanders mic stand down, walking off stage, appearing to be drunk and in general intentionally sabotaging the bands performance throughout the night.

After being told about the Oakland gig, I went and read some fan comments on the bands forum and looked back over previous gig reviews from fans, it appears this isn’t the only time Brent has performed poorly and it seems to be a regular occurrence with a lazy unprofessional attitude on stage.

Brent has stated that Mastodon is the only heavy band he would ever perform for but with fans now speaking out regarding his behaviour will he change his ways or will he walk. With some fans stating they will never pay to see the band live ever again, something has to change and fast before the band start to crumble.


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