Brett Scallions takes over Fuel for world tour

Brett Scallions has announced that he will be performing under the name Fuel once again but the band will consist of the members of Re-Fueled and new addition of Brad Stewart (former Shinedown) taking over from Jeff Abercrombie who has decided to quit touring and Fuel to be with his children.

The official statement from Brett:

Hey, all you Fuelies out there. First off, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for being as patient as possible over these past few weeks. I’ve been reading your posts and am aware of your excitement as well as your concerns for the upcoming shows that I hope we all embark on together. In a nutshell, we are planning a full world tour starting in mid April and going throughout the entire summer and into the fall. we’ve already confirmed shows such as the WMMR-BQ as well as festivals throughout Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and New York.
I’m so excited about this because I get to play with a group of guys that I’ve wanted to play with since I met each one of them. I look at this as a way for the four of us to come together and not only give you guys and gals the best shows that you could ever ask for but to also be creative and record some new material. And now, the band is…

Brett Scallions
Yogi-guitar (Buck Cherry, The Wallflowers, Chris Cornell Band)
Ken Schalk-drums (Candiria)
Brad Stewart-bass (Shinedown)

These guys are all SICK players and I can’t wait to rock a stage with them. I hope you guys are all as excited as I am and are willing to make it out to a show and let loose for a while. Peace. Brett

When asked to comment on the bands line-up, Brett stated:

Jeff decided that touring was no longer anything that appealed to him. Originally he was going to do this with me but later decided that he’d rather stay home and watch his kids. I wish him all the best.

You guys are all right. It won’t be the same as the original Fuel. Unfortunately things aren’t really resolved between Carl and myself and Jeff has decided that he no longer wants to tour. All I’m asking from you guys is that you at least give me a chance to give you a great show. You gave Carl that chance when he was the only one on the stage. Some of you have already commented on how you won’t be making this one. Well, you just might miss something great.

The bands world tour kicks off in April.


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2 Responses to “Brett Scallions takes over Fuel for world tour”

  1. Its about fuckin time!
    just sorry that Brett has tocome in and clean-up the mess left behind by Carl after his full-term abortion of Fuel.

  2. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well said Chuck. I totally agree and I am exited to see the new members.All I need is my frontman center-stage.To see the words Brett + Fuel in the same sentence makes my heart pound!!see ya on sept 8th