Brian Posehn to guest on new Evile album and final studio video available

British thrashers Evile have revealed that American comedian Brian Posehn will appear as a guest on the band’s new, as-yet untitled album.

The comedian and self-professed metal nerd teamed up with Evile to record backing vocals for the new album, which is due to be released later this year on Earache Records.

Brian Posehn comments:

“I’m very excited that my yelling will be featured on the next Evile disc; they’re one of my favourite newish bands and, in my not-so-humble opinion, the British saviours of thrash metal!”

Evile have now finished recording their new album, and have posted their final studio video.  Watch it now at

The band posted the second most recent video over the Easter weekend, giving a sneak preview of some new material.  In case you missed it, watch it now at

Evile lead guitarist Ol Drake comments:

“We made it.  Evile’s third album is mixed and completed.  No one got in any fights, no one shouted the word “Fuck” into anyone’s face and it’s sounding great.  From the last video it was quite evident that we’ve done a slow, cleaner and more eerie track.  The song’s initial intention was for Mike/because of the loss of Mike.  We all have our individual thoughts on the track; in my eyes the track is for Mike, and for anyone who has lost anyone close or special to them in their life.  If people don’t like the track or don’t understand its sentiment/meaning, I really couldn’t care less; it was conceived for us and Mike alone.  As Russ said, “It’s a brilliant song for a brilliant guy”.

“A fan (Tom Myton) messaged Russ and Matt via Facebook asking if he could come get ‘Enter the Grave’ signed and just say hi, as he lives just down the road from the studio.  We just happened to have enough time the next day to take a break from mixing and let him in.  We let him listen to a track and hang out for a bit; it was great to have the song listened to by an outside party and for it to be complimented well.  Cheers Tom!  Hope you like the finished product.

“We had a great time recording with Russ this time.  I think because he knew us a lot more, he didn’t hold back on any suggestions this time, which I’m glad of.  This was also our first time recording with Joel.  Because we get on with Joel really well, it was just a breeze.  He had just as much input as anyone else in the band and it was fun tracking a bassist who uses his fingers and a pick depending on which he wants in certain songs (I think we even got some slap bass in there for a laugh).

“I just want to thank all fans of Evile, old and new, for the continuing support and for following our progress on album 3.  With what we’ve been through over the past two years, we’ve literally poured our heart and soul into this material for the past year or two, and worked our arses off for the past five weeks getting the album sounding the best it can for us and for you.  I hope all the journalists who hear the album to review it simply review the album and leave it at that.  The album is obviously going to be put up on the internet after its release, but when it leaks prior to its release date, I can tell you from an artist’s point of view it’s slightly heartbreaking.  Am I not supposed to say that?  Oh well.  I hope you all enjoy our third instalment of Evile as much as we are!

“This one’s for you, Mike.”

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