Broken Bricks have released their debut album Pasquale on all major online digital retailers and want to celebrate this occasion with a gift to their fans. So Broken Bricks, a featured band here at EspyRock (read the introducing Broken Bricks here), have decided to give away a 5 song EP for free at The Pirate Party of Canada website (look for CaPT)– And are thus joining forces with Thorny Bleeder Records in their view of sharing, as a valuable marketing tool.  (More here Record Label Teams With Pirate Party Of Canada) Not only are Broken Bricks giving away 5 songs, they are also giving their fans the option to purchase the entire album (14 tracks) for only $1 (CAD) for a limited time at Bandcamp (also available as stream)  – “Psychedelic rockers Broken Bricks are keepin Rock ‘N Roll the devil’s music with the release of their debut album Pasquale, recorded and produced in Toronto. They are offering the entire album for $1.oo to fans exclusively on for a limited time. Broken Bricks have also released a 5 song EP on the Pirate Party of Canada P2P tracker, free for all to download. Their debut release have been welcomed with marvelous reviews in such online publication as Fazer magazine; quoted as saying “Broken Bricks doesn’t spare a second without providing the listener with a variety of candid vocals, elastic bass lines, magnetizing guitar leads, bewitching drum beats and dazzling piano work” This may be the debut release for Broken Bricks, but they have been making a splash on the local scene since forming in 2007. Broken Bricks are an extremely unique brand of young talent touching on 1960’s garage Psychedelia, to Folk music and Punk, whilst remaining a raw, yet visually extravagant live act. Their sound often being compared to the likes of The Kinks, The Beatles and The White Stripes” Broken Bricks on Myspace EVIL SISTER (Live)


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