Burning Borders Free Album Giveaway

Burning Borders are giving away their debut album “Truth and Logic”, free of charge.

This continue the trend set by their label, Thorny Bleeder Records, who keep using free music as part of an strategy to reach the fans where ever they are, and giving fans options instead of restrictions.

The only thing they ask for is this:

If you dig the tunes, support the band however you can by sharing the music with your friends, calling radio stations asking for airplay, buying their stuff on iTunes, or grabbing a CD or a T-Shirt. Your support keeps the music coming!

A fair request if you ask me!

Get this excellent album by the Canadian alt. rockers Burning Borders -> HERE. (Right Click and choose save as..)

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Upcoming Burning Borders Concerts:

06 feb 2010 20:00 BB @ THE RED ROOM – Vancouver, British Columbia
26 feb 2010 20:00 BB @ PUB 340 – Vancouver, British Columbia
04 mar 2010 20:00 CROSS-CANADA TOUR – Calgary, Alberta
05 mar 2010 20:00 CROSS-CANADA TOUR – Regina, Saskatchewan
06 mar 2010 20:00 CROSS-CANADA TOUR – Winnipeg, Manitoba
11 mar 2010 22:00 *CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK SHOWCASE* – Toronto, Ontario
18 mar 2010 20:00 CROSS-CANADA TOUR – St. Albert, Alberta
19 mar 2010 20:00 CROSS-CANADA TOUR – Edmonton, Alberta
20 mar 2010 20:00 CROSS-CANADA TOUR – Grindrod, British Columbia
25 mar 2010 20:30 CROSS-CANADA TOUR – Kelowna, British Columbia
30 mar 2010 20:00 HOMECOMING SHOW @ THE ROXY – Vancouver, British Columbia

Burning Borders on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook & Homepage.


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