Candlebox to release Love Stories And Other Musings next month

Candlebox have announced that they will release their brand new album ‘Love Stories & Other Musings’ on the 3rd April via AudioNest. The first single titled ‘Believe In It’ can be streamed below.

“Years ago I read something that changed the way I look at EVERYTHING! It struck so deeply that I have never forgotten it. It simply stated: Without music, life would be a mistake. I’ve never forgotten it, even when I was struggling to find a song or a melody it kept me searching and frankly I could not imagine my life without it,” said lead vocalist and co-founder, Kevin Martin. “This record for me is no mistake, it is our music and our love for what a great gift we have been given. Love Stories & Other Musings is a new direction for us and I couldn’t be happier to share it with our fans.”

“I haven’t felt this way about a release from Candlebox since our first record. The feeling for this record is both refreshing and stimulating,” said guitarist Peter Klett. ‘I can’t be more excited to release this music to the fans who have been with us for so long.”

Candlebox Love Stories & Other Musings Artwork


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One Response to “Candlebox to release Love Stories And Other Musings next month”

  1. Wow! Great riffs supply drive to a catchy melody and the singer sounds fantastic! I can’t wait for this record to come out.