Charred Walls of the Damned stream full album

Charred Walls of the Damned are streaming their highly anticipated debut album till February 1st on AOL for fans to hear. Listen to the full album here.

The band consists of Richard Christy. Steve DiGiorgio and Tim ‘Ripper’ and producer Jason Suecof will release their self-titled debut on February 1st with Richard Christy commenting:

“Well, the time is now here and I’m so psyched for the fans to be able to finally hear the full album! I’m so proud of the metal that Tim, Steve, Jason and I have made and I know that our passion definitely shines through in the music! We had so much fun making this album and now it’s time for all of you fellow Metalheads to have fun listening to it! Cheers!”

The band has also released their first music video for the single Ghost Town:

“I’m really psyched for everyone to see the Ghost Town video! The director Mike Schiff worked so hard filming and editing the video and it definitely shows! The video looks amazing and I’m really proud to present it to the fans! It’s a perfect companion piece to a song that I’m also extremely proud of!”


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