CKY to record new album with Daniel Davies as new vocalist

CKY have revealed at Soundwave that Daniel Davies will now be their lead vocalist, replacing Deron Miller, on their upcoming fifth studio album which they plan to start work on soon.

Problems within the band had surfaced some time ago and while the rest of the band wished to do a fifth CKY album, Miller proposed that the band all record solo albums but released them as a CKY package. The other members refused to do this and announced that they would be only performing one more US show in 2011 in December before they went over to Australia for Soundwave. After a fan praised their last US performance, drummer Jess Margera stated that he thought the show was embarrassing and that it became awkward.

The band then turned up at Soundwave without Miller and instead with Year Long Disaster frontman Daniel Davies who will now front the band on their fifth album.


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