Norwegian Punk Metal band Lydia Laska have released their new video “Could I Have a Go on Your Girl, Please?“, which is taken from the recently released EP of the same name.

The video was filmed on location in the catacombs of the Gamle Aker Kirke, which is the oldest building in Oslo, and, according to legend, is said to have been built over an old dragon’s lair, with the church itself supposedly standing on four poles of pure gold, under which four golden ducks swim on a subterranean sea.

Commenting on the filming of the video, drummer VOLDSWAGEN said, – “Filming in such a location was an experience in itself. The place itself is fascinating. It dates back to the 10th century, and we were filming with graves and corpses right over our heads, although most were sealed off, and the place was actually used to store beer in the 1800’s, unfortunately for us, there was none left lying around. Obviously we had to ask permission from the Priests to film there, but they never actually asked what exactly we were going to get up to, so we figured anything goes. And pretty much anything went as it happens.

The video called for fish heads and dolls to be nailed to the wooden rib walls, with the only light coming from flaming torches placed all over the place. Inevitably the walls, dolls and fish heads caught fire, and almost killed SOLAN (who incidentally had made his own “shades” for the video by sewing together ten pigs eyeballs) and myself as we ran out of the catacombs to stop the blaze. It was impossible to breathe, and you can imagine what the stench of burning fish and plastic dolls was like. Add to that the fact that the electricity to power the equipment came from a generator placed inside the catacombs, which was perhaps not the smartest move, since it gradually made the air toxic. All in all, we were lucky to get out alive”.

Lydia Laska on Myspace

Could I Have A Go On Your Girl, Please?


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