Could Scott Weiland reunite with Velvet Revolver?

Next year Velvet Revolver will return and the questions based on their vocalist and the new direction in their sound are what every fan wants answered. The answer behind their sound has been answered by Slash and has Scott Weiland answered the question of their vocalist?

Slash recently stated that the next album will be a lot heavier than the previous two. After they split with Scott Weiland the members sat down and worked on a host of new material which matches their original intentions but things changed slightly when Scott joined the band.

Now we know the direction of the music, they would need a suitable singer to fit in. Myles Kennedy has been rumoured to be in talks with Slash and is actively working on material but there is no confirmation. Though in a recent interview with Scott Weiland with the National Post, he was asked about his reunion with the members of Stone Temple Pilots and where things stand with Velvet Revolver.

He states that the Stone Temple Pilots reunion was very organic and was looking like it would be a low pressure move that would benefit the band financially. All the touring they did made them want to get back into the studio to make a new album.

The follow up questions was “where do things stand with Velvet Revolver? Might your career involve a second reunion with a second band?” Scott answered very simple “you just absolutely never know.”

We all know that Slash has stated he has no issues with Scott and that he couldn’t wait to get a copy of Stone Temple Pilots album. Most recently Scott has also commented stating that there are no issues with Slash leaving them both in friendly territory.


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