Creed’s Twitter and Facebook moderator contacts EspyRock over recent Twitter farce

The newly appointed moderators of the official Creed Twitter account have sent me an email regarding the recent blocking of Alter Bridge fans on the account.

The moderators wish to clarify that neither Scott Stapp nor any Creed member were directly responsible for the blocking of any user and wish to sincerely apologise for the trouble it has caused. Scott Stapp was the only member of Creed to have access to the official Twitter account (which Mark Tremonti confirmed on his personal Twitter account) after Michael Tremonti stepped down from running their (Creed) social media sites several days ago. After taking over the accounts, Scott Stapp then passed the responsibility onto a group of moderators. The issues which users experienced took place during a transitioning period as they, the moderators, took over the official Creed Twitter and Facebook fan pages from Scott.

The moderators again sincerely apologise and those users who are still experiencing issues with the accounts should email the moderator directly to have access restored. To do so, please email


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2 Responses to “Creed’s Twitter and Facebook moderator contacts EspyRock over recent Twitter farce”

  1. Whole thing was ridiculous and childish. A few fans making a big stink over something like twitter, wow get outdoors people there is a real life out there with things that actually are important. I hope those fans that blew this up feel good about creating shit for the band.


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