Crossfade offer free download of new song

Crossfade recently announced the upcoming release of their third studio album ‘We All Bleed’ and with it, they are giving a free download of the albums final track, a ten minute and nine second song titled ‘Make Me A Believer’.

A record three years in the making, the new album delves into lyrical themes of betrayal and isolation—a Crossfade trademark—but there’s also more than a hint of renewal and resolution. According to lead vocalist and co-songwriter Ed Sloan, “A lot has changed over the past three years. There’s been pain, but I’ve also learned to dwell less on the negative, so there’s a feeling of rebirth, too.” This can be heard from the start of the lead single, “Killing Me Inside.”  See the video here:

Track Listing:

1.  Dead Memories
2.  Killing Me Inside
3.  Prove You Wrong
4.  Lay Me Down
5.  Dear Cocaine,
6.  Suffocate
7.  I Think You Should Know
8.  We All Bleed
9.  Open Up Your Eyes
10. Make Me A Believer


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One Response to “Crossfade offer free download of new song”

  1. I always thought of Crossfade as a run of the mill post-grunge but man I was wrong. Great song!