David Ellefson back in Megadeth

David Ellefson, the original bassist for Megadeth has rejoined the band after a weekend of discussions with Dave Mustaine.

Ellefson officially left the band in 2002 when Mustaine was diagnosed with radial neuropathy, which left him unable to grasp or even make a fist with his left hand. The condition forced Mustaine to announce that the band would split as he underwent intense therapy for several months and then fully teach his left hand to play again.

When 2004 came round, Mustaine was ready to reunite the band but Ellefson was unable to come to an agreement with Mustaine. The disagreement between the two former band mates escalated when Mustaine stated:

“David lied to me in the press, he said that my arm injury was fake, went around town and slandered me. We made him a really good offer (to rejoin the band) and he said no. I mean, if I give you an offer and you don’t take it, it means no, right?”

Now though, thanks to drummer Shawn Drover, the two are back together. Drover sent Ellefson a text message stating that if there was ever a time for him and Dave to talk, it was now.

Speaking exclusively to Classic Rock, Ellefson had this to say:

It literally happened over the weekend,” says the delighted bassist. “And I can hardly believe it myself. There was clearly gonna be a change in the line-up, because James Lomenzo was leaving. Dave (Mustaine) and I talked on the phone, and all the feuds, all the arguments we’ve been having over the years just melted away. It just goes to show what direct contact can achieve!”

“In all honesty, talking to Dave again was wonderful. It was the right thing at the right time, done in the right spirit.”

Joining the band on tour where  they will perform their full 1990 album Rust In Peace, Ellefson will fit right back into place.

I cannot wait to get back out there with Megadeth.


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