De Profundis streaming album

London metallers De Profundis have released an update on their new album, which is now streaming for free on their MySpace.


Even though our new album “A Bleak Reflection” has only just been released today in Europe, we have already been informed that several sources, including and have already sold out their first stock of the album. Thank you to everyone who has already ordered the CD so far – your support means a lot to us!! We are now making sure that all retailers have the second batch of CDs as quickly as possible.

Fear not, however, there is no supply shortage – you can now also buy the album directly from us – please go to our website and read our news page.

As a way of saying “Thank you” to everyone that has taken in interest in us, and to mark the occasion of the release of our second album on Kolony Records, we will be making the WHOLE album available to stream from MySpace and All the songs from the new album (totalling almost 70 minutes!) will be featured on our MySpace and pages for ONE WEEK ONLY, after which the number of new songs will be reduced. This will give you the chance to check out the whole album – but as always, this comes with a catch – for a limited time only…

Hurry while the stocks last!… or something like that. Anyway, we hope you enjoy the tracks. There should be some exciting news on the live front soon, check back soon…

Bleakest regards

De Profundis



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