Deathstars to release Night Electric Night platinum edition

Glam, death, sex, rock – Swedish tempters Deathstars are your reliable source for lethal seduction since 2000! Yes, this means a decade of deathglam! Last year saw lascivious frontman Whiplasher and his boys climb to the highest heights of success and decadence with the chart breaking ‘Night Electric Night’: an album full of pitch black sledgehammer hits like ‘Blood Stains Blondes’ and ‘Mark of the Gun’, and an album seemingly flawless. Think again! The Deathstars decided to make something perfect even better – enter the Platinum Edition of ‘Night Electric Night’.

The Deathstars decided to celebrate in style and turn this Platinum Edition into a remix competition, free for all fans to enter: “Ask not what Deathglam can do for you, ask what you can do for Deathglam“, Whiplasher Bernadotte invited, and now the band has picked three winning tracks which can be found on this release as bonus material.

Of course that`s not all: the original album is re-released alongside a whole bonus disc – entitled ‘Decade of Debauchery’ – filled to the brim with sticky sweetness for all Deathstars aficionados! Six remixes by renowned artists such as The Kovenant and Sybreed, three tracks by the winners of the remix competition, unreleased album tracks, demo songs and something dangerous entitled ‘The Off Topic Crazy Shit’! All in all 17 (!) bonus tracks which turn ‘Night Electric Night – Platinum Edition’ into a lush must have!

Track listing:

CD1: Night Electric Night
01. Chertograd
02. Night Electric Night
03. Death Dies Hard
04. Mark Of The Gun
05. Via The End
06. Blood Stains Blondes
07. Babylon
08. The Fuel Ignites
09. Arclight
10. Venus In Arms
11. Opium

CD2: Decade Of Debauchery
The Remixes:
01. Opium – The God Particle Remix by Pzy-Clone / The Kovenant
02. Trinity Fields – Drop’s Synthetic Evolution by Drop / Sybreed
03. Babylon – Underworld Lounge Remix by Nightmare Industries
04. Chertograd – Junkyard Baby Remix by Dope Stars Inc.
05. Opium – Nightfuture of Century RMX
06. Babylon – Remixed by Matt LaPlant

The Remix Competition Winners:
07. Last Ammunition – Xe-None RMX
08. New Dead Nation – Of These Hope
09. The Fuel Ignites – Catronics Child of Light Mix

The Unreleased Album Tracks:
10. Black Medicines
11. Division X

The Unreleased Demo:
12. Revolution Exodus
13. Our God the Drugs
14 .Genocide
The Off Topic Crazy Shit:
15. The Fuel Ignites – Fuel for Cowboys Remix – by Skinny Disco
16. Chertograd – Necrocock / Masters Hammer
17. The Fuel Ignites – Phoebus RMX


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