Deathstars want you to remix their songs and UK tour in June

Yes, for ten years Deathstars have enjoyed a constantly growing and simply amazing hardcore following of die hard-fans – which few bands can even relate to – and now the boys of destruction want to show you all how hard they die for the students of darkness. Therefore, they’ll now give you the chance to write music together with the band.

Now, in the year 2010, it’s been ten years of dark explosive depravity. Looking back, it was just minutes before witching hour on new year’s eve 1999 that Nightmare and Whiplasher sat down and decided to start a band which was totally over the top; a band with no barriers – mixing everything from pop to black metal. The idea was to make something unique; a band with no strings attached to any genre; a mix between darkness, sex, power and guitars; a forum where songs were the important thing (and good looks). A sophisticated plan where the songs were the essence – not the obligations to be a part of a scene. They simply wanted to do something that was inspiring, for themselves as well as the crowd. Something new. They decided to call it Deathstars.  Anyway…

Let’s celebrate ten years of Scandinavian darkness

This is it: The band will release a special edition of Night Electric Night featuring over 60 minutes of unreleased material including songs that didn’t make it on the albums, the very first Deathstars demo from 2000 and a fresh batch of unreleased remixes done by some of the coolest people in the scene. This edition reaches out to all the people that have made the band to who they are today. On this unique feature they want your personal interpretations of three chosen songs, and the winners will be presented and released on the jubilée-album. The band gives YOU the opportunity to remix Deathstars’ songs!

The hits of choice are one from each album:

1.            The New Dead Nation – Synthetic Generation
2.            The Last Ammunition – Termination Bliss
3.            The Fuel Ignites – Night Electric Night

Commented Whiplasher: ”Choose wisely, boys and girls. It’s a once in a lifetime chance. Hard and intelligent work will be rewarded, so put your heart into it (but we are of course open for generous bribes). We wish you the best of luck.
Me, Night, Skinny, Cat and Bone will sit down as the jury itself and listen through everything that get sent to us, and choose the winners. The best remixes will be featured on the exclusive release ’Night Electric Night – Platinum Edition’ out on Nuclear Blast 2010. We are very delighted to finally be able to give our fans the opportunity to be a true part of the band and of the anniversary-album.

Ask not what Deathglam can do for you, ask what you can do for Deathglam.

The fans are the band. We are you. Now go to work!”

/Whiplasher Bernadotte

To download multi track versions of the songs & send your edits go to:

Deathstars tour the UK in June:

19 Jun 2010     O2 Academy Islington    London, GB
20 Jun 2010     O2 Academy 2               Birmingham, UK
21 Jun 2010     O2 Academy 2               Liverpool, UK
22 Jun 2010     O2 Academy 2               Newcastle, UK
23 Jun 2010     O2 ABC                          Glasgow, UK


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