Delusions Sign To Tragic Hero Records

Burgeoning Raleigh, NC indie Tragic Hero Records continues to expand its roster. The label just announced its latest signing, NJ/PA ambient hardcore metal act Delusions, which will release its Drew Fulk-produced debut full-length in early summer. Look for the band on the road throughout 2011. For the band’s latest tour dates visit:

About Delusions: Amidst most bands in their respective genre these days, melody and harmony seems to be a key element to the attention sustained by any desired audience or wealth of fans. Delusions, despite any premeditated first impression, carry this desired weight with each song they present – no matter how heavy, or how dark. Producer Drew Fulk exemplified this in their highly anticipated debut record for 2011, “The Language Barrier,” to be released through Tragic Hero Records. This release packs 10 crushing songs, each supplied with their own unique groove, texture, and low-tuned striations similar to the likes of For The Fallen Dreams, Meshugghah, and Misery SIgnals. There is a also a noticeable sense of comforting ambiance in each song, characterized to the writing styles of Oceana (prior years) and Of Machines. Vocalist Trevor Gildbride maintains a charisma that will allow fans to separate him from any other multitude of competitive vocalists, taking into additional consideration the raw, distinct tonality of his voice that surely leaves a “memorable kick” to back of one’s head.

Delusions includes 4 other members, each with a valuable mark and presentation both in the writing process and live performance. Tony Ciaramello and Andrew Lopez on guitar, Christopher Definis on drums, and Brendan Walsh on bass completes the lineup. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are to be credited as their home-town states, and share a beneficial factor on their personalities and motivational attitudes. Delusions are expected to be a tough competitor in the league or Hardcore / Metalcore bands alike, and will likely claim territory to the fields the play in.

Twitter: @Delusionsnj


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