DevilDriver release studio update for new album due 2011

DevilDriver have posted an update from the studio for their new album, a follow up to the 2009 release ‘Pray For Villains’.

‘Pray For Villains’ was released less than a year ago but the band are already back in the studio with a 2011 release date planned.

Everyone !
Tracking of drums begins tomorrow at Sonic Ranch !
I’ve just finished the DevilDriver Demos and am leaving for El Paso within days!
This record is intense ! Full of Raw emotion ! The players have stepped up there game and are bringing new flavor to the tunes.
Even though were not releasing till next year , Im happy to inform ya this music is blistering ! DevilDriver on steroids !


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2 Responses to “DevilDriver release studio update for new album due 2011”

  1. I can’t wait.
    This is fucking great.
    And by the way its Pray For Villains.
    Not, Prey, as in a predators food, lol.

  2. Good catch, daft mistake.