DevilDriver: “Six Songs In The Bag” For Next Album

Devildriver, who is currently on an European tour with Scar Symmetry, Arsis & Behemot, stated on their Myspace blog that – “We now have six songs in the bag for the new album which we are looking to record sooner than later. We want to go faster and heavier on this one to answer any question on a “direction” that we may be undertaking.”

And went on: – “Just to clarify a few things on the subject of us writing new material!! Not one note of these songs are left over shit songs we could not pull together for our last record. I personally started writing for this album a week after recording “Pray” and we have always done this. Writing for us is the fun part of all the stupid crap that goes on in this business.

This is also not a quick attempt to get out of our record contract, even if we were trying to do so, none of us could release material we all felt was blatantly sub-par while giving each other high fives cause we got out of a contract. On our last record, i would say we stretched as far as we could outside of what we had done in the past, trying new and slower songs with vocal melody like “its in the cards” or the rock like feel of songs like “Back with a Vengeance” and “teach me to whisper”.

For our latest effort, we feel like musically going for the throat so to speak. Are we gonna make a death metal album? no! We always have a heavy emphasis on groove and hook. That will not change. We just feel we have a certain anger edge about us and the songs we are writing compared to our last one. It will not be rushed and if you are a fan, you will not be let down!!”

The next album will be the fifth studio album from DevilDriver.

Tour Dates:

13 nov 2009 – 19:00 Arena – Vienna
14 nov 2009 – 19:00 Hellraiser – Leipzig
15 nov 2009 – 19:00 Markthalle – Hamburg
17 nov 2009 – 19:00 Traedgarn – Gothenberg
18 nov 2009 – 19:00 KB – Malmo
19 nov 2009 – 19:00 Klubben – Stockholm
20 nov 2009 – 19:00 voxhall –  Aarhus
21 nov 2009 – 19:00 Columbia Club – Berlin
11 dec 2009 – 19:00 The Riverstage –  Brisbane
13 dec 2009 – 19:00 Luna Park – Sydney
15 dec 2009 – 20:00 Festival Hall – West Melbourne
16 dec 2009 – 19:00 The Barton Theatre – Adelaide
18 dec 2009 – 19:00 Metro City – Perth

Check out the band’s latest music video below.



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