Diabulus In Musica stream first song from upcoming debut album Secrets

Female fronted Spanish symphonic gothic metallers Diabulus In Musica have uploaded the first new song of their much anticipated debut album ‘Secrets’ titled ‘Come To Paradise’.

Frontlady Zuberora comments the song as follows: “This is one of our favourite songs from the album. Actually, is the second one we’ve written when we started with DIM, so it’s kinda special for us. It’s full of energy and we never get tired of it! This is why we thought that ‘Come to Paradise’ was the most suitable song to open ‘Secrets’ and welcome all of you to our special world!”

Secrets was engineered by the prestigious Spanish tech-producer Iñaki Llarena and mixed by former EPICA guitar player Ad Sluijter who was blown away by the stuff DIM sent to him. Last but not least, DIM is supported by the invaluable expertise of Sascha Paeth, Simon Oberender and Michael (Miro) Rodenberg who mastered ‘Secrets’ in the Gate studios in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Diabulus In Musica managed to record an equilibrated album, including self arranged classical music elements, catchy melodies as well as darker and harsher sounds, so an eclectic but perfectly fused style is what we can find on ‘Secrets’. The metaphorical lyrics of the versatile singer Zuberoa, express personal feelings and worries but we can also find some anthems to nature and freedom or mythological themes.

‘Secrets’ track listing:

1 – Renaissance
2 – Come to Paradise
3 – Nocturnal Flowers
4 – Evolution’s Whim
5 – New Era
6 – Lies in your Eyes
7 – Lonely Soul
8 – The Seventh Gate
9 – Ishtar
10 – Under the Shadow (of a Butterfly)
11 – Beyond Infinity
12 – The Forest of Ashes
13 – St. Michael’s Nightmare

Diabulus In Musica have posted a trailer with excerpts from a few songs of ‘Secrets’.


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