Dimmu Borgir bassists quits 24 hours after official announcement

Originally rumours had surfaced in July that Snowy Shaw had joined Dimmu Borgir after quitting Therion on 7th July but he stated to Blabbermouth directly that the rumours were false and he had not joined the band.

Though only two days ago, 24th August, it was officially announced that he would replace ICS Vortex as Dimmu Borgir’s new bassist and clean vocalist by stating to Blabbermouth, “Yeehaw! I’m so happy and proud to be in the coolest band on the planet (since KISS [circa] 1976).”

Fast forward only 24 hours and now Snowy Shaw has announced his departure from the band and announced that he is back in Therion once again. Christofer Johnsson, the creative force behind Therion, has released the following statement to Blabbermouth.net:

“We are very happy to announce that Snowy has rejoined Therion. We welcomed him back with open arms, and we will now be making a mix between the new show we had planned, and the last one which involved Snowy. We think the merger between the two concepts will be incredible, and we look forward to taking the band’s live performance to the next level.”

No reason is given for the quick jump of ship but if an announcement is made we will update you with what is going on.


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