Dio’s wife and son make statements on tribute albums

Ronnie James Dio’s wife has made an official statement regarding all of the bands who are creating tribute albums to Dio after his death.

Dear Friends and Fans of Ronnie, I have seen lately on Blabbermouth.net a lot of announcements of bands releasing “so-called” Dio Tribute CD’s.

Please do not be fooled by thinking they are doing this for the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund, the money is going in their pockets and not to the Fund.

I find this totally disgraceful and upsetting that they are trying to make money off of Ronnie’s death.

Wendy Dio

Also his son made the following comment in the comments section of Blabbermouth:

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Dan Padavona. I am Ronnie James Dio’s son.

Joey Demaio contacted me a few weeks ago to discuss his tribute CD to my father. Joey sought my advice for where I felt the proceeds from his project should be sent. My first two choices were MD Anderson, which nearly saved my father against all odds, and Dana Farber’s The Jimmy Fund, to which I am a long term donor.

Today I received CC’d copies of email correspondences between these two charities, and Joey’s company. He has obtained the paper work for donating to both causes as I requested, and I have no doubt that he will follow through with his promise. I will leave it to Joey to release any specific information he feels comfortable in releasing.

These posts will be the first and last I will be making to Blabbermouth.net. I am not directly involved with any ongoing tribute project. Nor will I comment further than to say “Thank You” to any musician who honors my father in the proper manner.

I am gravely disappointed with the discourse which is taking place, and I can say with certainty that my father would not approve.

I urge each and every one of you to end this argument, and allow the process to run its course. The controversy, unfounded accusations, and intolerance in this conflict does nothing to help us heal. Some of the hateful things written in these threads should never have seen the light of day, and I think you know that.

As I stated in my eulogy, I also urge each of you to be screened for cancer and to treat your bodies properly. Early detection is critical to defeat the disease. I hope you will join me, and support charitable causes which are dear to your heart.

Remember that my father loved each and every one of you. Please honor him by showing the same love to the people you meet.

Daniel James Padavona


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