DJ Ashba to fix merchandise problems

DJ Ashba has took a firm stance on SwagRox who were selling his official merchandise but have recently been messing fans around by not mailing items, sending the wrong products, wrong sizes and more.

Due to these problems and fans becoming unhappy, he has stepped in, took all paper work and will look to personally solving all of the problems.

You can read the official statement from DJ Ashba below:

ASHBA Swag will NO longer be associated with or available threw! ASHBA Swag will only be available at I am also building a direct link to my new store I will let everyone know when it is launching.

ALL ASHBA Swag will be run in-house at ASHBA Media, Inc. I also would like everyone to know we have all of the paperwork finally and I am NOW aware of swag that was ordered, payed for and never received by some of you. I want to apologies for this. I am beyond pissed, this is NOT how I do business, and I am working with my team around the clock to get this mess cleaned up. We WILL be shipping all items to customers that have not received their orders ASAP.

I am also going to throw in something extra special for those of you who have been so patient. I also will personally guarantee that we WILL have all Swag in Stock at ALL times from here on out! And will be shipped with-in 24 hours of purchase. I value each and everyone of you for all the love and support that you have and continue to give me, and I will not sleep until I personally clean up this mess. I also am working very hard on designing brand new Swag!!!! So bare with me, I will keep you up to date on the progress!!! Much love!!

Dj Ashba


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