Doobie Brothers Looking for Fan Submission for new music video

The Doobie Brothers and HOR Entertainment, with help from Cisco Telepresence, will offer fans an opportunity to win a family reunion as the Grand Prize of the band’s Far From Home contest, running now at   Fans are asked to submit videos that illustrate emotional moments of passage in their families’ lives, like a child heading off to college or a soldier returning from a tour of duty.  Winning clips will be used in the final edit of the band’s video for latest single “Far From Home,” and the best video as selected by the band will win a family reunion at an upcoming Doobie Brothers concert.

Band member Pat Simmons collaborated with legendary producer Ted Templeman and a Doobie Brothers fan to write “Far From Home.”  Pat had encouraged Atlantic City fan PJ Heinz to write music for many years and Heinz always had a cd of his material every time Simmons came to town.  Two years ago, Simmons heard something special.

“This time he handed me a track with some guitar changes I really liked,” remembered Simmons.  “ I asked if he minded me taking these changes to see if I could come up with a song. He said,’ I’ve been hoping all these years you’d say that.’

“I fiddled with it a little and played it for Ted who thought it was really magical. So Ted and I started talking about our lives.  I told him my son was getting ready to go to college and he told me that it was great his kids were moving on, but bittersweet, too. That was how the song developed. A song about letting go of someone you love.”

The video for “Far From Home” was conceived and directed by Ringleader Production’s Max Gutierrez , who filmed the Doobie Brothers at the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. The footage will be intercut with fans’ home videos.

“We wanted to drive home the ‘connection’ in today’s connected culture” says Gutierrez.  “In collaboration with Cisco’s Telepresence, we wanted to demonstrate how people can be connected around the globe in a way that transcends the traditional concept of ‘Home’.  The song sums it up quite eloquently: Just remember that you’ll never be that far from home.”


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