Download Festival: Day 1

Well, it’s the start of the weekend and with everything to look forward, the arena opens late! Typical gig!

Anyway, I enter the arena and quickly start wandering since I didn’t want to see anyone until 4pm anyway. The atmosphere was already building and instead of blabbering I’m going to get onto the reviews.

36 Crazyfists

Having been bumped up to main stage just a few weeks prior to Download this was a huge step for the American metallers. Boy did they live up to it. Playing through microphone troubles where the sound only reached half of the crowd, they still went insane for these guys and they had every right to. Playing classics they got the crowd moving and made it easy to see why they are co-headlining with DevilDriver in November. [7]

Killswitch Engage

Last minute replacements for Wolfmother, Killswitch didn’t have had much time to prepare this. With a much the same set as Download last year, the place went up the second Howard and company took to the stage. At the end of the set out of sheer respect the guys made the entire crowd raise the horns to the sky as they blazed through the late, great, Ronnie James Dio’s Holy Diver! [7]

Coheed and Cambria

Sound troubles were of no worry over at the 2nd stage with Coheed and Cambria playing sub-headliner. With a new album that’s full of straight to live songs, the New Jersey prog-rockers brought their new album for its first UK date. Playing classics and new tracks, the crowd were hanging on every word from Claudio Sanchez and he had the Ronnie James Dio stage in the palm of his hand. [8]

Bullet For My Valentine

Playing Download for the 4th time, BFMV returned to headline the 2nd stage this year. Wow, what a show. Pyrotechnics from the start and an arsenal of music that’s set to rock arena’s later this year, the Welsh boys tore the place up! New songs and old songs galore, the crowd really got behind them which basically said one thing and one thing only: this is Bullet For My Valentine’s year! [10]


The big one! The biggest band in rock music, ever, returns to the home of rock again! With their own stage set up, the band begin in typical fashion with a train on stage. With a stage show unrivalled by any other band on the planet, AC/DC showed exactly why they are the biggest rock band. Playing basically the same set as the Black Ice World Tour the sounds were just staggering. 110,000 people were bearing witness to history taking place, even planes dare not interrupt the might of AC/DC with no planes flying over the arena for the last half hour or so of the show so that AC/DC could let off hundreds of fireworks and show that they came, they saw, they conquered once again. [10]


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