Download Festival: Day 3

Download Festival Day 3


Playing a special extended set to play the album ‘Wheels Of Steel’ in full, Saxon show they are a force to be reckoned with today. With a stage presence that really reminded me of Ozzy, frontman Biffy Byford controls 60,000+ metalheads at 12.30 on Sunday afternoon, now that’s an achievement! Blasting through the album and other classic Saxon tracks, Saxon threaten to steal the entire day already! [8]


Metal in a tiny tent, what more can you ask for? Hailing from Burton On Trent, Enemo-J have the ferocity that’s made Hatebreed and DevilDriver household names in metal and then some. Playing to a packed Red Bull Bedroom Jam tent they showed potential and controlled a crowd which seemed to be mostly made up of long-time fans, just goes to show, a small scale band on a Download stage can go places, watch this space for more on Enemo-J. [8]

Napalm Death

Brutal fucking metal! With such a bland stage show not much was really expected from Napalm Death; how was i wrong. With the brutality of a lion attacking its prey Napalm Death gave Download the dose of metal it needed today. At the end of the set the band played four 45 second long songs just so they could “fit as many fucking songs in as possible”. Great set from a great band. [8]

Billy Idol

With the rain lashing down, the Idol returned to Download. With what was expected to be one of the sets of the weekend Billy Idol was quite a disappointment. With the rain really hitting hard the punk-rocker found it difficult to get his sound out there properly. With ‘White Wedding’ sounding very dull and very bland with barely any backing music, it was just not his day. All credit to him though, even in the weather he tried to put on a show, it just wasn’t there. [5]

Stone Sour

Playing their first UK show in 3 years, it was insane! With a few new tracks being played in the UK for the first time, Stone Sour showed they are no longer just Slipknot’s little brother, they are a band of their own. During this set were also 2 of my moments of the weekend. Corey picked up a guitar on his own and dedicated the track ‘Bother’ to his fallen brother, Paul Gray of Slipknot, and almost couldn’t do it due to the emotion involved. The other was during Idle Hands where Corey taught Download how to dance (badly!), if you can, go look up the dance! Musically the band was tight and this was my band of the weekend! [10]


Showing why they have been going for 40 years, Aerosmith closed Download in style! Having missed the first half of the set I caught the end and I was glad I did. With tracks like ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ with a huge crowd participation and the return of ‘Walk This Way’ to the band’s setlist, they showed they deserved their slot and weren’t just there for the money! [8.5]


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