Download Live Sets by Efren & Taylor Hollingsworth

Efren held his Debut album “Thunder n Moan” release party on Dec 4. In addition to offering a free download of the album to all that attended the show, he is now offering a recording of the show to all of us that missed out on the night.

Also available from the same night is a Live set by Taylor Hollingsworth, which I recommended yesterday, so grab it while you can.

Free Downloads:

Efren Live Set Part 1
Efren Live Set Part 2
Taylor Hollingsworth Live Set * Set List below

Introducing Efren (4 song stream & 2 Free Downloads)
Efren Interview Podcast (Describing his thoughts about the album)
I Have Discovered – Efren. You Should Too!!
I Have Discovered – Taylor Hollingsworth. You Should Too!!

Taylor Hollingsworth Set List:

1. I didn’t know it was the devil
2. Westfalia
3. 96 Crayons
4. When I was a boy
5. New Orleans blues
6. Dominoes
7. Bonnie and Clyde
8. Snake Hill
9. Sin City Blues
10. Hotel Ghost


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