Dustin Kensrue talks new Thrice and solo albums

In an interview with Blare Magazine, Dustin Kensrue was asked if the band had been writing new material although it is only coming on a year since ‘Beggars’ was released.

Not as a band but we have been separately. We’ve been keeping track of all of our ideas and I think pretty soon we’ll go back into the studio and start writing and recording. There’s no release date or anything yet, but there is a plan to do it soon.

When asked if he had given any thought to another solo album he replied

Yeah, I have a fair amount of ideas for it and I will work on it at some point but I don’t think it will be before the band’s next record. I just have to work out when the material is actually going to be released and when I’ll have time to record when I’m not busy with the band.


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