Engelbert Humperdinck to front Velvet Revolver

How incredible would it be if that headline were true? I mean seriously, think about it, I will give you a few moments to imagine………..am I right or am I right!

No sadly Mr Humperdinck will not be fronting rockers Velvet Revolver and neither will this new super group see the light of day again after Slash, got on stage to perform with singer Engelbert and keyboardist Dave Stewart on the Canadian TV show “The Hour”.

The three musicians performed under the name Faster Disaster which is now being tipped as a new super group but if they ever play again is still to be seen.

Having flicked through two episodes were Humperdinck and Stewart were the star guests on each, I cannot find any footage of the group performing so stay tuned for when footage appears and we will feature it right here.


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