Epica part ways with bassist Yves Huts, announce replacement Rob Van Der Loo

Epica have announced that bassist and founding member Yves Huts has parted ways with the band after ten years. The band commented: “It is with sadness that we announce that Yves Huts and Epica have decided to part ways. Yves has been with us from the start and has been of great value to the band. We want to thank Yves for his contribution to Epica’s success and wish him the very best in his future career, whether musically or in a different way. We will never forget the good times we shared together on the road!!”

Yves released his own statement regarding his departure:

“Hi everybody,

013 is the venue where we did our first show with Epica and, almost a decade later, also my last. I’m leaving the band because I have another career opportunity that is not combinable with the schedule of a world touring band. I’ve tried to live these two different lives simultaniously for as long as I could but in the end I just had to make a choice, one of the most difficult ones in my life. I look back to these 10 years in Epica satisfied and enriched with life experience. As a founding member I’m proud of what we’ve achieved so far and I’m sure the future has a lot more great things in store for the band.
I would like to thank the band, crew, fans and everybody else involved for the good times and I wish my successor good luck.

Those of you that might be interested in any possible future musical plans of mine can visit my artist page on Facebook.

Kind regards
Yves Huts”

The band have quickly announced his replacement with Rob Van Der Loo coming in to take his place. Rob currently performs Epica guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen in his side-project MaYan and was also a former member of Delain.

A few days ago I spoke to Yves and he brought back a memory from the time when Epica was still a support band for one of my former bands. At that time he would never have guessed that almost 10 years later I’d be his successor in Epica… Well, neither did I… but I’m damn proud of it!
I’ve been sharing the stage with the people from Epica for almost ten years now, and becoming a member of MaYaN last year brought us even closer. So making the decision to join Epica feels pretty good. Therefore I want to show my gratitude to the band members (including Yves) and the crew for allowing me in the Epica family!

See you guys on the road! I won’t let you down!


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