Exclusive: Track by track with Stonecollar for Trial By Fire

In my brand new interview with South Africa’s new hard rock four-piece Stonecollar, the band went through each and every track on their debut album ‘Trial By Fire’, giving a description as to what each song means. You can read it below:

1. Not For Good – doing something selfless for another, going against your normal character
2. Trial By Fire – follows the hell-ish experience of a new recruit going to war. He’s just not cut out for it. It ends up doing a lot damage to his psyche.
3. SQT – did we evolve from something or didn’t we? Regardless, we are here now. I na wider scope – its all about change
4. Turn A Blind Eye – Tells of how cowardice we can be at times. Something wrong is going on right in front of us but we choose to look away and ignore it
5. Poison The Well – Its all about ‘beauty’ really, and more so how people tend to ignore their own beauty and differences and just want to ‘get some work done’ and fix things because they’re not the way society is telling/showing how to be.
6. Say Your Prayers – The song is loosely based around the idea that those who are more fortunate than others should offer help and support to those who are suffering, and not wait for somebody else to do it.
7. Unnatural Selection – It’s a story about how manipulation and destruction. We’ve all seen that girl who look so sweet and innocent, but when you get too close you see the damage they’re capable of. Funnily enough, the concept was taken from a nature program about some weird behaviour going on in the wild.
8. …As The Crow Flies – This story follows a lonely soul who rambles on about how hard life is, and that he wishes to take his own life to end his misery. However it turns out, that this is just a cry for attention
9. Loose Cannon – Pretty straight forward from the title, but its about that loose cannon that everyone knows of. This person just doesn’t think ahead. They shoot from the hip and often ends up with a lot of collateral damage
10. Dying Breed – It’s all about being cast aside by those that deemed you no longer useful or necessary but want you back later down the road. They’ve finally seen your worth.

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