Faktion stream Dead To Me

Faktionn are streaming their brand new song ‘Dead To Me’ which will feature off a brand new album new sometime this year.

The band have all been on a break and will be reuniting soon to work on a follow up to their 2006 debut album. The band have released 3 EPs since the release of the album, the most recent in 2008.

Hey guys, Just wanted to pop in and throw everyone an update. In case you didnt know Marshal has been busy working/producing/engineering the new Hinder record for the past few months. Hence the reason you haven’t heard much out of us as a collective. All the rest of us have used this opportunity to pursue other ventures. Its been a healthy break in fact, after all we’ve been hitting it hard for the past 7 1/2 yrs…or is it 8? I cant remember. We are still very much a band and cant wait to do the next faktion record. Weve done a few demos here and there (weather permitting) and are excited for everyone to hear it. Hopefully the Hinder record will be done very very soon. Josh has been writing in his group Called Right on Red with Ryan Gibbs and touring with Anchored. Ive been writing/recording/producing on my own with Nick Emde from The Destro. Jeremy has been writing and recording with his group Vegas Skin Graft. Its been a healthy and refreshing break to inspire us to make Faktion better, and allowing us to grow as musicians outside of ourselves. So expect the machine to fire up in the next couple of months if not sooner. STAY TUNED! Just wanted to let everyone know what was up and clear up any un-true rumors that may be circulating.


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