Far From Finished to release Forgettable on 31st August

Emerging as the new standard from Massachusetts’ storied musical legacy, Far From Finished have announced August 31, 2010 as the official release date for their highly-anticipated Old Shoe Records’ debut, ironically titled ‘Forgettable’. Vocalist Steve Neary explained the title, “…being cocky just never seemed to fit with this band. Forgettable is just that. It’s an attempt to acknowledge and move on.  Its a effort to be happy.” Spending the better part of a full calendar year refining the details, Far From Finished combined everything from a string quartet to a children’s choir to craft their most ambitious collection of tracks to date. These seasoned songwriters combined unconventional instrumentation, a general disregard for expectation, and a well-rounded ear for a timeless tune, to prove once again, Far From Finished is so much more than punk.

With two studio releases under their belt, FFF’s ability to harness a real sense of melody, meshed with an infectious delivery, has established the band as a true to form diamond in the rough. The band talked about how this go ‘round musically would be received. “I think whenever you release anything there’s gonna be that feeling inside you that maybe rejection’s on the horizon, but honestly you can’t think like that.  In the past, anything we’ve released has been quite different from whatever came before it, so in a sense we’re ready for whatever. Fear’s not your friend, so we could give a fuck if people don’t approve of the musical direction we took with this record,” Neary emphasized.

Going to work with legendary producer Jim Siegel (Dropkick Murphys, The Unseen) at the famed Outpost Studios, Forgettable is anchored by the band’s proven ability to turn punk rock disposition into a dynamic 3-minute piece of music. In addition to being the band’s most diverse collection of songs, Forgettable also remains one of the band’s most personally revealing efforts just the same. Guitarist Oscar Capps detailed the therapy of it all, “Lyrically and musically we tried not to hold anything back this time around.  We’ve got stories about drugs, fathers, wives, and mothers…The good, the bad, the ugly. It’s not so much where a song came from, but where it goes and the experience of sharing it with someone else that might relate. Punk rock shows have always been a hell of a lot more fun then seeing a shrink.”

Far From Finished will spend the duration of 2010 on the road to support Forgettable. Recently wrapping their triumph of the 2010 Vans Warped Tour, the band will celebrate the album’s release with an epic hometown show on September 4th, 2010, before heading overseas to spend the fall performing throughout Europe. Bassist and all around good guy, Pesky, talked about the kind of thinking the band values during such a critical time, “We just bought a new cargo van and on the dash in sharpie is written “dream big, worry little”. It’s amusing to think of a 45-year old plumber driving around with that written on his dash.” Primed to share what could arguably be called the band’s finest hour on record, hesitation, for this band is just not an option. Far From Finished is just as the band’s namesake suggests and as for Forgettable, well…hardly.

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