Fates Warning to rerelease Parallels

Fates Warning are to rerelease their classic 1991 album Parallels in March in a special limited edition 3-disc set.

The album itself will be remastered and will include a second disc of live and demo material. There will also be a DVD which includes nearly three hours of material including the bands full 1992 show from the Parallels Tour and a documentary with live, studio, and current day interview footage with all the band members.

CD 1 – “Parallels”

  1. Leave The Past Behind
  2. Life In Still Water
  3. Eye To Eye
  4. The Eleventh Hour
  5. Point Of View
  6. We Only Say Goodbye
  7. Don’t Follow Me
  8. The Road Goes On Forever

CD 2 – ‘Parallels’ Live In Hollywood, California on January 23, 1992

  1. Leave The Past Behind (live)
  2. Don’t Follow Me (live)
  3. Eleventh Hour (live)
  4. Point Of View (live)
  5. Eye To Eye (live)
  6. Nothing Left To Say (live)
  7. Quietus (live)
  8. Through Different Eyes (live)
  9. Leave The Past Behind (demo)
  10. Eye To Eye (demo)
  11. Eleventh Hour (demo)
  12. Point Of View (demo)
  13. Don’t Follow Me (demo)

Filmed live in concert in New Haven, Connecticut on February 13, 1992
Features current interviews with all band members as well as acclaimed producer Terry Brown and Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel
Rare and exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from the 1992 U.S. tour

The band will also be playing a few reunion tour shows, with the only dates so far confirmed below:

26/03/10 – GR – Thessaloniki
27/03/10 – GR – Athens


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