Feeder title new album Renegades – preview the album here

After performing from the beginning of this year until now as their own side project called Renegades, the band have decided it’s time to return as Feeder with two albums this year from reports.

The band has yet to make an official statement but it would appear that their first album will be titled ‘Renegades’ will be released on 28th June in the UK and will feature some of the tracks from the bands two EPs under the Renegades name. The album also marks the bands seventh release under the Feeder name.

The below track listing may not be final:

1. White Line
2. Call Out
3. Renegades*
4. Sentimental*
5. This Town
6. Down to the River
7. Home*
8. Barking Dogs*
9. City in a Rut
10. Left Foot Right
11. The End Of The Road
12. Godhead*

*featured on the Renegades EPs

As the band have three more songs from their EPs and also stated they had 25 songs in the studio overall, the band are said to be planning a second album for later in the year, consisting of the other 13 songs they have.

The band have stated that they have just filmed a music video for ‘Call Out’, which will be seen as the bands first single but with music videos created for ‘Renegades’ and ‘Sentimental’, it would be a safer bet to call it the third single from the album.

You can watch a live version of ‘Call Out’ below with footage/audio of the other songs expected to be released on the album.

As there is no official word from the band yet, I have contacted them to find out if we can confirm any of the details as available online for readers to find.

White Line

Call Out

Renegades – Official Video

Sentimental – Official Video

This Town

Down to the River

Home – Studio Version

Barking Dogs – Studio Version

City in a Rut – Preview

Left Foot Right

The End Of The Road

Godhead – Studio Version


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2 Responses to “Feeder title new album Renegades – preview the album here”

  1. Harry Tulloch 16/06/2010 at 8:42 am


    thanks for using some of my youtube videos

    i sore that u didnt find city in a rut well i have a 30 second preview of it if you want to stick it up there


  2. Hi Harry,

    No problem. I went to use the best videos I could find for the songs and the above are the best ones I could find when I published this back in May.

    Thank you also for the clip, I have added it to the post.