Fightstar to rerelease Be Human

Fightstar will rerelease their album Be Human on March 1st in the UK with the track listing re-ordered and a brand new DVD.

The album when it was released in April 2009 came with 12 standard tracks and a bonus track if ordered on iTunes, but the deluxe version will feature 16 songs:

  1. War Machine
  2. A City On Fire
  3. The English Way
  4. 28k Resolution
  5. Chemical Blood
  6. Calling On All Stations
  7. Mercury Summer
  8. Give Me The Sky
  9. Never Change
  10. Tonight We Burn
  11. The Whisperer
  12. It’s Blood Is Black
  13. Colours Bleed To Red
  14. Damocles
  15. Mvua Nyeusi
  16. Follow Me Into The Darkness

The DVD will include the bands full live unplugged performance at the Picturedome in Northampton on December 16th 2009 with the following listing:

Palahniuk’s Laughter
The English Way
Paint Your Target
Mercury Summer
Waste a Moment
Sleep Well Tonight
Our Last Common Ancestor
Be Quiet and Drive
Cross Out the Stars
The English Way (Music video)
Mercury Summer (Music video)
Never Change (Music video)
A City on Fire (Music video)


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