Finntroll release video for ‘Under Bergets Rot’

Finntroll have released their brand new music video for ‘Under Bergets Rot’ which according to Wikipedia, translates to ‘Under the Root of the Mountain’.

The song features off the bands 2010 album ‘Nifelvind’, which was released in February of this year.

Guitarist Mikael “Routa” Karlbom made the following comments about the video:

“This video is definitely a very special video for us. We have been thinking of doing an animation video for years actually, but for some reason we never did it, until now. With the release of the Nifelvind album we were asked to do 2 video. Century Media gave us free hands to choose from which ever songs we wanted. The first video was made for ‘Solsagan’ and was made by Finnish company Vasara Films. As we have always done our music videos by ourselves, as me being a writer and director with the full support of the rest of the band of course, it was very difficult to let someone else do it. Even though the basic concept came from the band, it still didn’t feel right. After the ‘Solsagan’ video we weren’t 100% convinced about letting someone else do our videos. So we were thinking what to do with the next video…

“We decided to do the second video for the song ‘Under Bergets Rot’ and this one we were thinking about doing by ourselves as usual, just to get the right, FINNTROLL spirit into it. We got the idea of doing a video that’s happening in this weird, out of this world jazz-club, where we would play as the house band. The story in the song is more or less about the song that this dude hears, and even though he hasn’t heard the song before, he knows it and gets mesmerized by it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”


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