Fleshgod Apocalypse issue official statement over cancelled Russian tour dates

Fleshgod Apocalypse have made the following statement regarding their cancelled tour dates in Russia:

Hi everybody,

We’d like to explain to you about the cancellation of the shows in Minsk, Nizny Novgorod, St.Petersburg, Ryazan and Voronezh.

We drove from Antwerp (Belgium) after the last of the 22 gigs we did with Suffocation, directly to Belarus, looking forward to do the Russian tour and the result is that we’ve been prisoner of custom controls, first in Belarus border for 15 hours, then in Russian border, 1 day, and then in Moscow Custom for 2 days.
We only played the Moscow show, in a very hard situation, with a policeman controlling us, and totally destroyed by lack of sleeping and food.

All of this shit due to the corruption of the customers that tried to fuck us in every way, asking us for money to continue our trip, or controlling us with policemen during the trip through Belarus and toward Moscow. We lost our freedom for 5 fucking days. We risked losing all of our instruments and all of our money due to these criminals, even if everything concerning our stuff was perfectly regular.

We are very grateful to Dima Coyote from Coyote Records that saved us with sacrifices from this terrible situation that we’ll remember as one of the worst experience of our lives. They mistreated us, giving no explanation of their robbery.

We are very sorry for the Russian fans that were waiting for us. We promise we will re-schedule other gigs for You.

Meanwhile if you want buy our stuff in Russia ask for CD or T-Shirt directly from www.coyoterecords.com

Thank you for the attention and sorry again to all Russian fans.

Sincerly yours,
Fleshgod Apocalypse.


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