Updated: Fred Durst gets physical in Glasgow

This evening I attended my second gig of the Rock N Roll Damnation tour in Glasgow, Scotland, a tour spanning a total eight dates featuring headlining acts Lostprophets, Limp Bizkit and Bad Religion with a number of unknown acts performing at another Glasgow venue, King Tuts.

26th August saw Limp Bizkit take to the stage for a headlining performance at the O2 Academy in Glasgow only for Fred Durst to get physical, not once but twice with members of the audience. The night kicked off with local rap metal band Psyko Dalek getting the crowd pumped before local established alternative rockers Twin Atlantic took to the stage. The crowd were clearly not happy with the choice of support band in Twin Atlantic and made their feelings known by booing the band after every song. Frontman Sam McTrusty stated after the first song “boo all you fucking want but we have seven more songs and we’re fucking playing them” before later adding “you can boo as loud as you want, I’m still going to be fucking louder”. Although the crowd grew hostile, the band played an impressive set and left to the stage to cheers but it wasn’t until Limp Bizkit took the stage that things would become physical.

The first incident of the night occurred when Fred Durst lost his balance on stage and jumped to the floor below after reaching to shake a fans hand. As Durst was off stage and among fans at the front row, he decided to remain at that spot and perform for the crowd. During his performance fans were reaching to touch and grab hold of Durst which he clearly had no issues with at all, until one male fan reached out and grabbed a hold of his penis. Durst instantly grabbed the hand and removed it only for the fan to do it once again and on the second occasion Durst delivered a series of punches to the fans head before telling him to leave. Durst naturally gave the fan a mouthful of abuse before the fan disappeared.

Update: Fred Durst has posted a video online from outside the venue with the fan that he punched and it turned out that it wasn’t him that grabbed him – http://www.mobypicture.com/user/freddurst/view/7330332

The second incident again saw Fred Durst in the crowd as he left the stage and walked to the side of the venue with security surrounding him. On this occasion Durst states that a fan had grabbed his ass and when he did so, Durst grabbed the male by the face and pushed him away. The fan didn’t take lightly to his actions and continually attempted to force his way through security as he looked to retaliate. Security eventually managed to keep distance between the fan and Durst before he was led away by a female and Durst made his way back on stage.

Later in the evening Durst apologised for the way he reacted to the individuals but states if it happened again he would do the exact same thing.

Update: Fred has posted the following Tweet regarding his night in Glasgow:

Glasgow rocked!! One guy grabbed my nuts and got slapped and another pinched my ass really hard and got pushed. Sorry fellas, no disrespect, but ask permission before you sexually assault an MC!


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  1. Here is the video of him punching the crowd: