Free Album Download From Man An Ocean

The excellent Post-Rock/Instrumental Man An Ocean are offering his debut album “This Is Not About Who’s Gonna Win” from 2008 as a free download.

Go get it while it’s hot -> Right here, Right now. It includes the awesome “Sometimes When You Lose, You Win”.

Track list:

1. My girl and the sea
2. Sometimes when you lose, you win
3. Bushido (The search for peace within)
4. Rain won’t solve his enigmas
5. A few lifetimes and eleven years
6. I want to be with you on doomsday
7. Flowers for Suzie

I Have Discovered – Man An Ocean. You Should Too!!

Man an Ocean’s second album “Fields/Hurricanes” are available on all major online retailers.

Man An Ocean on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook & Homepage.


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One Response to “Free Album Download From Man An Ocean”

  1. Great music… It will be in heavy rotation for me. Thanks for the free download and best of luck with the second album!