Glamour Of The Kill to release new album in 2012

In my recent interview with Davey Richmond (lead vocalist and bassist) and Chris Gomerson (guitarist and vocalist) of Glamour Of The Kill, they announced that they were entering the studio to record some new material to showcase to their new management team. They also went on to state that the new album would be released in 2012 and is a major step up from their debut album ‘The Summoning’ which was released in January 2011.

EspyRock: As that album [‘The Summoning’] received such a great response and you have established the live part of your set, are you already thinking about new material to make the most of the current publicity and high the band is on?

Davey Richmond: Yeah definitely we’re writing all of the time and we’re going into the studio next week to record some demoes of new songs because when we get together the creativity is just on another level. We’re just writing songs all of the time and we have so many ideas; mine and Chris’s phone are just filled with different ideas. We have a few songs that we want to record to show our new management and show were we want to go with this new album and already it sounds a major step up from the vocal melodies to the guitars, really just everything. We just wait to get this touring cycle out of the way so we can get back into the studio and record album number two.

EspyRock: Are you focussed on getting it released next year then?

Chris Gomerson: Yeah next year.
Davey Richmond: Yeah definitely next year with that album.


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