Good Charlotte album and start again

Good Charlotte has announced that they have scrapped their upcoming album and will start all over again.

The official statement from the bands MySpace with snippet below:

When we got back from the last trip to Australia, we had pretty much finished recording the record. I went into the studio to hear some roughs and it just wasn’t right. I couldn’t figure it out. i was so lost. I love the songs, i love the lyrics, so what was the problem. i was just so bewildered. devastated actually. this had never happened. i felt crazy. like this.

I told our manager to just PAUSE everything and i need time to think. i called all the boys immediately and called an emergency meeting. everyone sat down. and i just said “Guys, we gotta start over”
i was expecting everyone to freak on me and say “What?!”

but Billy was the 1st to speak, and right away he said “I knew you were gonna say That, my gut is telling me the same thing” lets do it. Everyone agreed.


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