Grand Magus getting ready to record fifth album

The Swedish heavy masters Grand Magus who released the excellent “Iron Will” in 2008 are back in the rehearsal space and getting ready for a new album according to this statement from the band:

“Ever since the release of ‘Iron Will’, we have been on what seems like and endless roller coaster ride, filled with great gigs, awesome response from magazines and most importantly from you, our listeners. We never knew there were so many of you out there. Especially gratifying is the fact that you all seem to fucking understand what we want to put across, which makes it worth so much more. It has been a fantastic year and a half! Our goal now is to top this for 2010. We aim to make an even better album and gigs. We can’t wait to get the metal out there to you.

“At the moment we are writing new songs and generally spending a lot of time locked in our rehearsal space. The atmosphere when we get together is electric and we have already come up with some killer stuff. We feel strong and confident.”

Iron Will

Like The Oar Strikes The Water


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